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Ethical Hacker, Customer Stories, Best Practices, Expert Interviews, Events

A Security Engineer and Hacker Share Their Experiences with Security Assessments

A few weeks ago, HackerOne and PortSwigger teamed up to shine a light on the innovative ways that customers and security analysts are scaling risk...

Jeff McBride
Expert Interviews, Company News

Q&A with HackerOne’s VP of Customer Success Jeff McBride

We sat down with HackerOne’s VP of Customer Success, Jeff McBride, to get more acquainted with his style of...

Application Security, Customer Stories, Best Practices, Expert Interviews

Financial Services: Tips for Bug Bounty Success

Jason Pubal is an appsec director at a large financial services firm. Over the past 2 years, he’s prepared for...

david newman
Ethical Hacker, Expert Interviews

Morrison & Foerster’s David Newman: How Corporate Counsel Should Approach Hacker-Powered Security

Interview with MoFo’s David Newman, of counsel in the National Security and Global Risk & Crisis Management...

polling station
Ethical Hacker, Expert Interviews

Hursti hacks, DEF CON villages, and the Dubious state of electronic voting

Harri Hursti is one of the world’s leading authorities on election voting security. His work has exposed...

kathryn haun
Company News, News, Expert Interviews

Q&A with HackerOne’s New Board Member: Kathryn Haun

We are thrilled to introduce HackerOne's new board member Kathryn Haun. Katie is a former U.S. Department of...

security camera
Company News, GDPR, Expert Interviews, Compliance

The CISO’s Guide to GDPR: Q&A with Thomas Fischer

We recently caught up with GDPR expert Thomas Fischer for his help in answering some questions for us on the...

lisa wiswell
Ethical Hacker, Expert Interviews

Calling All “Bureaucracy Hackers”

Lisa Wiswell, a HackerOne advisor and a principal at GRIMM cybersecurity firm, thinks the government needs...

faye francy
Company News, Best Practices, Company Resources, Expert Interviews

Q&A with Faye Francy: How Auto-ISAC Puts Security in the Driver’s Seat

Faye Francy is executive director of Auto-ISAC, an industry-operated organization created to enhance...