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Ethical Hacker

Ethical hackers, pentesters, and security researchers. We explain everything you need to know about them and how they can help your organization.

HPS and DeFi
Ethical Hacker

Hacker-Powered Security and DeFi: How Human Intelligence Improves Cryptocurrency Security

Over the last year, DeFi has grown significantly with billions of dollars of cryptocurrency locked into blockchain contracts. With this growth comes...

h1-2010 Event Logo
Ethical Hacker, Live Hacking Events

The World’s Largest Live Hacking Event

HackerOne and The Paranoids partnered to bring you the largest live hacking event in the world

Ethical Hacker

12 Days of Hacky Holidays CTF

Dear hackers, The Grinch has gone hi-tech this year with the intentions of ruining the holidays and we need...
HackerOne Brand Ambassador Program
Ethical Hacker, Hacker Resources

Announcing the HackerOne Brand Ambassadors

Announcing the first group of Hacker Brand Ambassadors who will lead hackers in their local area.

Ethical Hacker

Announcing new leaderboards: More ways to engage, compete and win

Leaderboards are a fun way to measure your hacking progress and understand how you compare to the broader...
Top 10 Vulnerabilities
Ethical Hacker, Data and Analysis, Hacker Powered Security Report

Organizations Paid Hackers $23.5 Million for These 10 Vulnerabilities in One Year

HackerOne report reveals cross-site scripting, improper access control, and information disclosure top list of...

AT&T One Year Anniversary
Ethical Hacker, Customer Stories

AT&T Celebrates $1 Million Awarded to Hackers in One Year

AT&T recently celebrated its first anniversary on HackerOne, passing $1 million in payouts to more than 850...

Ethical Hacker

Introducing the 4th Annual Hacker-Powered Security Report

This is a time of unprecedented challenges. We face never-before- seen threats in the digital and physical...
Students learning to hack
Ethical Hacker, Challenge, Customer Stories

National University of Singapore Taps Students to Hack for Good

In an inaugural InterUni Bug Bounty Challenge jointly organized by the National University of Singapore (NUS)...