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Introducing Hacker Task Manager and Statistics

Introducing Hacker Task Manager and Statistics

Continuous improvement is at our heart, and the Hacker Dashboard is an excellent example of how we’ve been iterating based on feedback from the community. In the past few months, the Hacker Dashboard has been undergoing a number of improvements, and we’re proud to announce the latest iteration of Hacker Dashboard today- Hacker Task Manager and Statistics!

The Hacker Task Manager underlines our focus on helping new and upcoming hackers to onboard themselves on our platform. With the help of the Task Manager, hackers can educate themselves with help from Hacker101 and other educational resources to get closer to the goal of submitting a valid vulnerability report.

Task manager

For the hackers that already reached the goal of reporting their first valid vulnerability, we’re introducing a new section to the Hacker Dashboard that allows them to track their most important statistics. This will help hackers to continuously keep track of their progress and earnings while reporting more (and more) vulnerabilities. We’re starting with showing the number of valid reports and bounties earned (both all-time and in the last 30 days), but we’re eager to learn what other metrics you want to see on this page.


Hacker Task Manager and Statistics overview are available immediately. We’re always looking to improve our platform. Keep an eye on our blog, and please let us know if you have feedback or suggestions.