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Security Leaders Gather For HackerOne’s Global Security@ Conference

Join speakers such as Hyatt and Slack for discussion around leading cybersecurity strategies and challenges

HackerOne’s highly anticipated annual Security@ conference is back for its fourth year and, for the first time ever, the only conference dedicated to the booming hacker-powered security industry is going global. Today, the full agenda has been released, featuring policy makers, security industry leaders, and hackers from San Francisco to London to Singapore. 

The conference will take place on October 20 - 23, 2020 in the comfort of your own home and will include sessions from security teams across industries and across the globe, including Slack, LINE, and Verizon Media. We’ll be joined by leaders at the forefront of driving change and advocates for elections security. Groundbreaking debates on the new normal for security will be spearheaded by Hyatt and Sumo Logic, and interactive roundtables will be held in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. 

What are the can’t miss sessions? 
By popular demand, Security@ sessions will highlight HackerOne’s robust database of vulnerability trends and industry benchmarks, arming CISOs with insights into what their peers are facing. Attendees will walk away from the three-day event with an understanding of how to scale their security practices to prevent future incidents and secure their evolving attack surfaces, beyond compliance, with the power of hacker-powered security. 

Agenda highlights include: 

  • COVID-19 accelerated digital transformations for 36% of CISOs. As a result, security teams are forced to become more agile while reducing risk and securing a rapidly changing attack surface. Hear from AWS and Sumo Logic on scaling security efforts that are as agile as a shifting attack surface.
  • When making the case for security, how do you measure and market success with even fewer resources than before? Join Slack and Hyatt to hear how they prove the value and ROI of cybersecurity.
  • With the 2020 election just weeks away, hear from voting vendors and security experts on how the elections industry is engaging hackers with the launch of vulnerability disclosure policies.
  • Get beyond checkbox compliance and learn how to use compliance frameworks in a way that actually improves your organizations’ security posture.
  • From testing to vulnerability report, to validation, to CVSS, to security team, to what? Trace the path of a bug from hacker to fix and feed it back into the SDLC with LINE.
  • Get an inside look at what’s to come for HackerOne, diving into product vision and what lies ahead for the future of collaboration and cybersecurity.
  • And more! 

Security leaders will also gain exclusive access to a closed series of events for like minded peers. 

  • For federal government agencies tasked with developing and publishing a vulnerability disclosure policy as part of Binding Operational Directive 20-01 from Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), we’ll gather industry experts to discuss VDP readiness, best practices, and a playbook as agencies work towards the BOD deadline.
  • CISOs in North America will get exclusive access to a roundtable discussion on agile cybersecurity strategies that maximize impact.
  • Industry-specific roundtables are available for European CISOs in financial servicese-Commerce, and B2B software industries. 
  • Exclusively for Asia Pacific security leaders, HackerOne CTO Alex Rice will host a roundtable discussion on the 2021 CISO playbook, FS-ISAC Threat Intelligence will delve into combating cyber threats in the new normal, and hackers from Australia to Singapore will discuss how they’re hacking your digital transformation (for good!) 

Each year, Security@ gathers the largest community of security industry influencers, public and private sector thought leaders, and elite hackers from across the globe. With unique virtual networking opportunities, round table discussions, and AMAs, this is one you don’t want to miss. 

Register for your ticket here and begin building your schedule: