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Measure and Close the Security Gaps Across your Attack Surface

4-5 October
Copenhagen Marriott Hotel, Denmark

As cyberattacks grow in sophistication, frequency, and intensity, organisations must act more quickly and smartly than ever to stay safe. Meet with HackerOne at the Nordic Cyber Security Summit to learn how you can gain full visibility into your organisation’s attack surface, drive down risk, and increase attack resistance across applications and cloud assets.

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Learn the various ways you can boost your attack resistance with a complete security platform backed by vetted ethical hackers. See a demo of our vulnerability disclosure program, pentesting, bug bounty, full attack surface management, and more.

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Book a consultation to walk through all the ways the HackerOne platform can strengthen your attack resistance—whether you’re looking for vulnerability management, application security, cloud security, or a combination.

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Wednesday, 5 Oct., at 10:50 a.m

Measure and Close the Security Gaps Across Your Attack Surface

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Digital transformation has a downside: It causes a gap between the attack surface your organization knows about and protects, and your full attack surface, with assets that are beyond your security team's scope and therefore left unprotected.

We’ll explore ways to measure that gap and how HackerOne’s platform can help close it. Specifically, you'll learn how to:

  • Stay ahead of threats in a fast-changing application landscape.
  • Measure and close the gaps in cyber-risk identification.
  • Find risks that scanners, automation, and AI miss.
  • Use real-world vulnerabilities to educate and train developers.
  • Fill security skills shortages on demand.