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Past Event

Meet with HackerOne at InfoSec Finance Connect

March 30 - April 01, 2022

In an increasingly interconnected world, fintech is changing fast. Applications and data are moving to the cloud, use of cryptocurrencies is rising, and ransomware and supply chain attacks are growing—all of which means cybersecurity is now a top business priority in financial services.

If you’re among the lucky group of senior-level financial security experts invited to InfoSec Finance Connect, don’t miss the HackerOne-led roundtable discussion on how crowdsourced security can reduce your company’s risk by giving you experts who think like attackers to find and triage your vulnerabilities before they’re exploited.

And be sure to book a 1:1 meeting with HackerOne’s experts at the event to discuss how crowdsourced security can fit into your workflows.

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