Beyond the Algorithm: AI Developers' AMA

May 15, 12pm ET | 5pm GMT 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are becoming increasingly integral to the software development landscape, introducing groundbreaking opportunities and significant challenges for developers and engineers. Join the Beyond the Algorithm: AI Developers’ Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session featuring seasoned AI engineers ready to tackle your questions. They'll dive into the nitty-gritty of applied AI/ML, focusing on the technical challenges, opportunities for innovation, trustworthiness and ethical considerations, and the identification and mitigation of algorithmic flaws based on their professional experiences.

What we’ll cover:

  • AI system design & development

    The latest trends and best practices in designing, developing, or implementing fair, transparent, and secure AI systems

    Techniques for ensuring fairness, accountability, and transparency in AI systems

    Implementing access controls, encryption, and other security measures for AI systems

  • Algorithmic flaws & bias mitigation

    Potential biases and limitations of AI/ML models

    Best practices for identifying and mitigating algorithmic biases and flaws

    Strategies for stress-testing AI systems and identifying vulnerabilities

  • Continuous improvement & monitoring

    Techniques for performance evaluation and model retraining

    Real-world use cases and lessons learned from AI implementations

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Who should join:

Developers & engineers: Gain valuable insights into the practical applications of AI/ML in software development, including best practices for secure and responsible implementation.

AI/ML practitioners: Deepen your understanding of the challenges and opportunities in applied AI/ML, and learn from experienced professionals in the field.

Tech leaders & decision-makers: Explore the implications of AI/ML adoption in your organization, and learn how to maximize the benefits of these technologies while mitigating risks.


Luciano Cheng

Luciano Cheng

Engineer, Creative Technologist, and Angel Investor

From roles at Google to spearheading startups, Luciano’s expertise is in engineering, technical product management, practical AI, and enterprise solutions. With multiple exits and a track record of both raising capital and investing, he works best with early-stage startups that leverage software and data as the core offering.

C Carter Jernigan

Carter Jernigan

Founder of Frictionless Systems

Carter started his first business—an independent consultancy for software and workplace development—at age 12, which gained him admission to MIT, where he earned a degree in computer science, management, and psychology. He went on to build Locale, an artificial intelligence app for Android that manages phone settings automatically based on location and other contexts. It is the longest-standing app on the Google Play store and received a $300,000 prize from Google. His newest venture is a positive psychology AI coach for managers in the workplace to help people flourish.

Zahra Putri Fitrianti

Zahra Putri Fitrianti

Software Engineer, Applied AI/ML, at HackerOne

Zahra holds a graduate MSc in computer science with a speciality in data science and systems complexity . Her interests include data science and machine learning, natural language processing, and implementing production training and inference ML pipelines. She has a particular proficiency in Python (and Matlab). She also has experience in data engineering, using ETL tools such as Meltano, Airflow, DBT, and Snowflake.

Willian van der Velde

Willian van der Velde

Principal Software Engineer at HackerOne

Willian van der Velde has been an integral part of HackerOne for the past 10 years, contributing tactically to the engineering team’s growth from 5 to over 50 members. His current focus is on leveraging large language models (LLMs) within the security domain, applying these technologies to enhance the functionality and efficiency of security products. With a robust background in cybersecurity and a special interest in the innovative use of LLMs, Willian continues to drive technological advancements within the security domain.