Evolving the Perception of Women in Security

So many powerful women are in the security industry. Come listen to a few of these women from Box, OneLogin, Detectify, and Starbucks share their unique experiences and challenges. Studies have shown that women make up roughly 20% of the global cybersecurity workforce, an improvement in recent years, but still far lower than their male counterparts. The women who have gotten a seat at the table have not only paved a way for the next generation, but changed the way they are perceived. Along the way, they have learned how to deal with challenges including, finding the right mentors, balancing mental health, and breaking barriers.

In this panel, security leaders will share their unique journeys, the challenges they overcame, and how women can lift up all minority classes for a more inclusive security industry.

Date: Monday, February 24, 2020
Time: 11am - 2pm
Venue: élan event venue
839 Howard Street | top floor

Lakshmi Hanspal, CISO at Box
Laura Kankaala, Security Researcher from Detectify
Keri Kusznir, Application Security Manager at Starbucks
Vanessa Pegueros, Chief Security and Trust Officer at OneLogin
Sam Cowan, Head of Compliance at HackerOne

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