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Stay Ahead of Threats With Hacker-Powered Retesting

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Vulnerabilities that go undetected can pose a serious threat to your business. Identifying critical bugs is only the first step in reducing such risk. As organizations receive vulnerability reports and work on deploying fixes, they need proof that the issues have actually been fixed and that they have not introduced novel bugs in attempting to remediate vulnerabilities. 
Most security operations teams are dealing with a lack of resources and clearly-defined processes for retesting to ensure that threats have been remediated. Teams often struggle to define which vulnerabilities to prioritize during the software development cycle. Even when organizations can deploy a fix, not every vulnerability fix is accurate, and it’s hard to scale remediation without accountability. HackerOne’s Hacker-Powered Retesting gives companies the ability to solve these challenges by delivering specific, actionable vulnerability retesting once remediation has taken place.

Today, we’re excited to announce Hacker-Powered Retesting. Retesting is designed to scale with your capabilities to keep your critical assets safe from increasingly sophisticated attacks. 

How it Works


We use a streamlined workflow in which the hackers who are most familiar with your program employ advanced report insights and program perspectives to retest and verify fixes. You can track the status of each vulnerability retest and make final approvals in real time. Additional benefits include:

  • Comprehensive application to all of your HackerOne programs with the additional benefit of unlimited retests per report                              
  • Easy-to-use platform with automated features to minimize disruption  
  • Unlimited real-time access to expert hacker community
  • The original hacker who submitted the report also serves as your verifier, reducing costs and making it easier to scale
  • Flexible subscription tiers allow your business to remain secure while scaling

Today’s dynamic digital environments require quick threat identification, investigation, response, and adaptation. But these measures are hard to achieve without overburdening your teams and budgets. We can help optimize this process and increase your operational efficiency. Reach out to your account manager or program manager to add Retesting to your HackerOne programs.