ABOUT YOU uses the latest mobile technology to keep more than 3 million customers on the cutting-edge of fashion. They also offer their e-commerce infrastructure to other retailers, further expanding their customer and data coverage. But ABOUT YOU’s fast growth and the ever-advancing ingenuity of cybercriminals began to outpace the efforts of their in-house security team and periodic pen tests.

Learn why ABOUT YOU wanted to bring in fresh eyes to help their security team and how they started with hacker-powered security. In this overview, you’ll learn:

  • How a managed program helped their team avoid being flooded with incoming vulnerability reports.
  • Why resolution time is their key metric and how they got it down to just 7 days.
  • How their program’s ROI is based on dollars per vulnerability found.

“When the same internal teams are testing an application for a long time, they lose that ‘fresh-eye’ perspective that often helps in finding interesting bugs.”
-- Vladyslav Cherednychenko, Information Security Engineer, ABOUT YOU

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