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HackerOne Services

Secure future. Shared defense.

Our advisory and global triage services help you better understand the depth and maturity of your existing cybersecurity practices.

Managing Success in Your Crowdsourced Program

We are an extension of your security team. Our Advisory services help your organization scale and achieve security maturity. Our Triage services help your team become more efficient.

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Sage security Advice

Advisory Services

We’re with you every step of the way, from offering policy guidance to connecting you with the right hackers and analyzing your security policy. 

  • Manage and scale your program with best practices and insights from expert program managers.
  • Receive security policy creation and launch guidance from our experienced advisory team.
  • Gain confidence in how your program performs: analysis, hacker management, and strategies to drive engagement. 
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Efficient triage and validation process

Global Triage Services

The HackerOne Triage team removes false positives, de-duplicates vulnerability reports, assigns severity, and provides remediation guidance to your development team.

  • We limit the signal-to-noise ratio to ensure your team can focus on key vulnerabilities that directly impact your business.
  • Our staff communicates with hackers, validates their submissions, removes duplicate reports, and ranks the remaining vulnerabilities by severity.
  • Your security and development teams receive notice of only validated vulnerabilities, and receive summaries of identified vulnerabilities.
Policy Guidance and Creation

Gain hacker trust with policy-building templates and guidance.

Hacker Management and Engagement

Attract and engage the right hackers with the right skills. 

Program Guidance and Strategic Planning

Receive weekly KPI reports with tailored goal attainment guidance.

PR and Communications Support

Partner on communications and incident response strategies.

Global Triage Team

Know your time zone is covered by our worldwide team.

Readiness Training Workshops

Tailored modules prepare your organization to implement hacker-powered security.

Fast Triage for Critical Response
Jobert Abma
Co-founder and Principal Engineer
HackerOne’s Approach to Triage