The concept of hacking as a viable career has become a reality, with 18% of survey respondents describing themselves as full-time hackers, searching for vulnerabilities and making the internet safer for everyone.

The 2020 Hacker Report is a benchmark study of the bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure ecosystem, detailing the efforts and motivations of hackers from the 170 countries who represent the HackerOne hacker community and are working to protect the 1,700 companies and government agencies on the HackerOne platform.

"Hackers are a global force for good, working together to secure our interconnected society," said Luke Tucker, Senior Director of the Global Hacker Community.

Key findings include:

  • The hacker community nearly doubled last year to more than 600,000, and continues to grow globally
  • 78% of hackers used their hacking experience to help them find or better compete for a career opportunity.
  • Hackers earned approximately $40 million in bounties in 2019 alone, and $82 million cumulatively. 
  • 7 hackers have passed the $1 million earnings milestone.
  • And more!
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