HackerOne Spot Checks for On-Demand, Targeted Security Testing

May 28, 2024 Martijn Russchen

Should teams prioritize conducting thorough security checks or accelerating product timelines? 

Striking a balance between these competing priorities is essential, as overlooking security measures can expose assets to unaddressed vulnerabilities, potentially leading to devastating consequences.

Enter HackerOne Spot Checks, a specialized capability within Bounty and Challenge programs that bridges the gap between resource limitations and the necessity for thorough security. 

Minimize Risks with Targeted Security from HackerOne

Leveraging our vast network of skilled security researchers, Spot Checks offers directed testing meticulously tailored to specific needs, whether testing new features or identifying vulnerabilities.

This strategic approach allows organizations to manage resource constraints while enhancing overall security posture with targeted security testing.

Spot Checks provide:

  • Targeted Scope: Focus resources where needed most, providing written proof of coverage for testing assurance.
  • Agile Testing: Perfect for assessing new features or tackling specific CVEs, Spot Checks facilitate quick, flexible testing iterations, easily adapting to evolving security needs.
  • Skilled Experts: Discover hackers with unique skill sets to optimize resource allocation and increase the likelihood of identifying critical vulnerabilities.
  • Efficient Budget Utilization: Utilize existing bounty pools for Spot Checks, bypassing new procurement processes and maximizing budget efficiency.

Let's explore real-world examples to see how organizations use Spot Checks today.

HackerOne Spot Checks interface


Delta Testing of New Features or Endpoints

Delta testing is crucial for identifying security vulnerabilities in newly developed feature iterations. This focused approach helps ensure that new updates meet security standards before they go live, protecting your systems from potential threats.

“We decided to run a Spot Check to test some new and important features of our e-commerce applications before they launch into production. The experience has been great. We were pleasantly surprised by the quick responses from hackers and the detailed testing results they provided.”
— Eunice Tsang, Senior Application Security Analyst, AS Watson

Ensure Coverage of Assets with Proof of Testing

Conduct focused security testing for critical assets, identifying and mitigating risks specific to essential systems and data or hardened assets that haven’t received a recent report. Achieve peace of mind with a written report from an ethical hacker detailing all testing methods, time spent, and any identified vulnerabilities as evidence of thorough coverage.

Specific CWE/Vulnerability Class Testing

Focus on targeted testing of specific vulnerabilities, enhancing your ability to address and mitigate them effectively.

AI Red Teaming

Quickly test new AI functions for security concerns or verify changes to AI deployment aren't introducing new security issues.

Combine the Power of Spot Checks with Hai

When conducting a Spot Check, Hai, HackerOne's AI Copilot, empowers security teams with actionable insights and expedites report summaries. Effortlessly access comprehensive overviews of Spot Check findings, delve into detailed breakdowns of testing methods employed by hackers along with time allocations for each, and quickly review succinct summaries of Spot Check write-ups. 

Use Hai to ask questions like:

  • “Give me a summary of all Spot Check findings.”
  • “Summarize the spot check write-up.”
  • “Provide all the testing methods the hackers used and how much time was spent on each.”

This integration of Spot Checks and Hai enhances efficiency and informs decision-making to optimize your security program.

Hai example question


Get Started With Spot Checks

HackerOne Spot Checks offer a strategic solution for organizations seeking targeted security testing that aligns with the SDLC. Targeted testing allows for more efficient use of security resources, ensuring that the most dangerous threats are identified and mitigated promptly. This strategic approach minimizes potential damages and enhances the overall security framework.

To learn how Spot Checks can help your organization stay ahead of evolving threats, contact us today and speak with a security expert. If you're a HackerOne customer and want to start a Spot Check, click here for more information.

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