Sales Development Representatives Win as a Team

June 20, 2024 Marina Briones

In the following interview, Jessica discusses how she embodies HackerOne’s Win as a Team company value to drive her team's success.

What does Win as a Team mean to you?

To me, winning as a team is about creating a culture of transparency, hard work, and collaboration where every team member contributes to our shared goals without internal competition. We celebrate successes together and learn from each other’s strengths. I’m fortunate to have outstanding SDR managers, Dave Cronshaw and Bea Matthews, who excel in coaching and supporting our team.

How does your team Win as a Team?

Our success hinges on dedication and continuous improvement. While I provide strategic guidance, it’s the team’s execution that drives results. We prioritize sharing insights and best practices, which are crucial in our remote setup. Weekly meetings and our Slack channel, “SDR-Wins,” facilitate open dialogue and company-wide recognition of achievements.

“In a remote job, we aren’t sitting next to each other, making calls together. You can’t just turn to the person beside you and say, ‘Hey, how would you respond to this email?' The team is good about constantly sharing best practices.” - Jessica Jacobs, Director of Sales Development, Florida, U.S.

What are the results?

Despite claims that "outbound is dead," our SDR team’s performance proves otherwise. In the last quarter, the team achieved the highest quarter in pipeline sourced, hitting 134% of our outbound pipeline target. This record-breaking volume of outbound pipeline underscores the effectiveness of our collaborative efforts and relentless dedication to winning as a team.

At HackerOne, we believe in winning as a team, and Jessica Jacobs exemplifies this value through her leadership and the team's success. By fostering a culture of transparency, continuous learning, and collective celebration, we achieve our goals and build lasting relationships and a supportive community. Here’s to more shared successes and breaking new records together!

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