HackerOne Company Values Matter: Win as a Team

May 13, 2024 debbie@hackerone.com

Each year, HackerOne employees nominate peers to receive the covetable Values Awards. Since its inception in 2022, the Values Awards have recognized three Win as a Team winners. We asked them why this award is important and how they hold themselves accountable and inspire and motivate others to live our values.

Meet Everton Michels: 2022 Win as a Team Value Award Winner

Everton Michels just celebrated his seventh HackerOne anniversary. As senior Technical Lead on the Technical Services Team, he proactively identifies and solves issues.

The Technical Services Team is important to HackerOne customers and hackers, and the results depend on team effort, not individual effort. As a team leader, Everton knows that building smooth and transparent relationships between his team and other HackerOne teams creates better results for stakeholders.

Win as a team means that we are all in the same boat, that we collaborate and help each other perform at our peak so we can achieve our goals as a company,” said Everton. “By doing that, we make ourselves available to our peers, and we will strive together.”

Win as a team means achieving success and progress through collective effort and collaboration rather than relying on an individual alone. Through his daily actions, Everton is an example of a Hackeronie who emphasizes the importance of teamwork, cooperation, and mutual support among team members to reach a common goal.

Meet Brandie Gaines: 2023 Win as a Team Value Award Winner

Brandie Gaines has overseen and managed HackerOne’s financial accounting activities for nearly eight years as the company has grown to over 400 employees. She’s been on a small but mighty team, working with all departments and employees.

During her tenure, Brandie has witnessed the win as a team value multiple times – where Hackeronies come together to create amazing things and make things happen. She understands that her role connects all teams, which is a valuable way to create unity across a remote culture.

Win as a team means that we are willing to step up to the plate and help each other to achieve the company goals,” said Brandie. “We may not always be the person who can solve the problem, but we can push each other in the right direction.”

Brandie understands the importance of a solid team. During company growth and change, the win as a team value stands out more as we need to lean on each other collectively to move forward and put trust in our colleagues.

Meet Martzen Haagsma: 2024 Win as a Team Value Award Winner

Martzen Haagsma works with a global engineering team and is a champion for leading to more innovative solutions and stronger relationships. As the infrastructure and bug bounty program (BBP) manager, receiving this award is a testament to her dedication to working with a team to achieve big goals. 

Win as a team is significant for me as it highlights the power of collaboration and mutual support in achieving our goals,” said Martzen. “It's a reminder that each team member brings unique skills and perspectives, which drive our success to new heights when combined.”

The excitement of technology, the feeling of accomplishment when the team succeeds, and the unwavering commitment to HackerOne’s mission of creating a safer world is why Martzen loves what she does every day. Solving a problem or developing a solution means that the team is making a meaningful impact on a global scale. 

“I wake up every morning feeling inspired by our collective vision of enhancing global security. Our team's collaborative spirit, creativity, and unwavering dedication are truly unstoppable, and it's an absolute joy to be a part of it all.” - Martzen Haagsma

Read more about the HackerOne Values Awards winners: Default to Disclosure, Lead with Integrity, and Respect All People.

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