Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study: HackerOne

Forrest TEI Report

You’ve probably heard the buzz about hacker-powered security.

For the first time, Forrester breaks down the benefits using the proven Total Economic Impact methodology.

Based on interviews with multiple HackerOne customers, Forrester calculates composite savings compared to traditional pen testing of more than $500,000 over three years.  

This free study provides you with independent data and analysis to measure the value your organization could realize by moving your penetration testing efforts to HackerOne.

Notable takeaways suggest HackerOne …

  • Greatly improves security, reducing the likelihood of a security breach
    “The [vulnerabilities] were found much faster and of higher complexity than what we had gotten from past providers.”1
  • Saves money by replacing traditional pen test costs and reducing the burden on your security staff
    “HackerOne is a much better cost model than [traditional] pen testing...and you get much better results.”1
  • Increases your customer’s satisfaction and retention
    “Advertising that we are in partnership with HackerOne helps with our sales and marketing efforts.”1

Source: "The Total Economic Impact™ Of HackerOne Challenge," a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, May 2019
1: Interviewees from the study