The 2019 Hacker Report

The 2019 Hacker Report brings the HackerOne community to life with statistics, interviews, insights, from the individuals working to make the internet a safer place.

In the report, you’ll learn how hackers earned over $19 million in bounties last year, how a single hacker passed more than $1 million in earnings, and how the bounty cash flows across the world. The report also highlights how hacking creates global economic opportunity, with hackers earning up to 40-times their country’s median software engineering wage.

Download the report to learn:

  • Where hackers and the organizations leveraging bounty programs are located, which countries have the largest of each, and which regions are becoming hacking powerhouses.
  • How hackers gain their skills, how much time they spend hacking, and where they like to focus their efforts.
  • What motivates hackers, and why it’s becoming a catalyst for career advancement and doing good in the world.