Megan Brown and Matt Gardner for Wiley Rein Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice team up with HackerOne's CTO and Co-Founder Alex Rice for this informative webinar on Vulnerability Disclosure Policies and Programs

Vulnerability disclosure policies (VDP) are promoted by security experts, government agencies, and industry groups. These programs can, however, raise legal challenges for the organizations deploying them. 

So what is the legal view of VDPs, and what should internal counsels consider as more security teams look to implement VDPs?

We sat down with Megan L. Brown and Matthew J. Gardner from noted legal firm Wiley Rein’s Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice to understand more. 

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll hear these two security-focused attorneys provide practical advice and insights to help everyone better understand the legal perspective on VDPs. They’ll cover:

  • The legal framework around VDPs and how they impact the rights of your organization
  • Why a poorly implemented VDP is worse than no VDP at all
  • Real examples of successful approaches to VDPs and hacker-powered security

Watch this webinar today.