The Pictet Group’s Security in a Digital World - Bounties for bug hunters make the internet safer

Pictet’s Security in a digital world issue twenty-one

There’s no such thing as 100% safety in cyber-security. Barely a month goes by now without reports of large companies and government bodies suffering cyber-attacks by criminal hackers and other hostile organizations. A USD 92 billion cyber-security industry has grown up which tries to fend off such attacks by building walls and gates. But such strategies are easily outpaced by criminals - frequently providing inadequate and undermining the confidence of online users. 

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  • The power of discovering vulnerabilities in your public-facing software
  • Why users of old software are particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks
  • How the best companies in the world put security at the heart of their organizations
  • Why over 1,000 companies trust HackerOne with crowd-sourced security solutions

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