Hacker-Powered Security Report 2019

Hacker-Powered Security puts an army of hackers on your side, searching for unknown vulnerabilities that automated methods miss. It includes bug bounty programs, hacker-powered pentests, and vulnerability disclosure policies, and it’s quickly becoming a necessary component of any security program.

The 2019 Hacker-Powered Security Report takes the largest repository of hacker activity and vulnerability data available and organizes it into an easy-to-navigate report filled with insights, trends, and success stories.

Whether you’re looking to benchmark your program against others or researching how to get started, the insights in this year’s report are indispensable. 

Get your copy of The 2019 Hacker-Powered Security Report and learn:

Bug bounty payout trends, average bounty values, and highest awarded bounties.

  • Year over year bug bounty program growth.
  • Key bounty program operational statistics and trends by industry and region.
  • Results customers get from hacker-powered security.
  • What motivates the hackers behind those results.
  • And much, much more!