Global Security Threats Require Global Security Coverage

The World Wide Web gives everyone across the globe easy access to your organization’s information. It opens up new opportunities and enables you to impact people far and wide, even as you take measures to protect sensitive data and comply with regional regulations.

But cybercriminals aren’t bound by borders or rules or laws, resulting in nearly $600 billion in global losses every year.

Learn how HackerOne’s global network of hackers is your best defense against these risks. Our international community of more than 400,000 hackers protects the applications, data, and users of organizations far and wide—like the European Commission, Singapore’s Ministry of Defence, Lufthansa, Spotify, and more—and they can do the same for you.

You’ll learn:

  • How easy it is for organizations and governments anywhere in the world to work directly with hackers to find, fix, and prevent vulnerabilities.
  • Why hacker-powered security is quickly becoming a part of every modern security apparatus to help internal security teams, augment penetration tests, and more.
  • Why friendly hackers choose to participate in lucrative and challenging cybersecurity opportunities.