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2018-07-26 | Google’s Titan Security Key, Agari’s report on Federal DMARc adoption, and Tenable goes public

Thursday, July 26



  • WSJ reports Cosco Shipping Holdings Co. was hit by a cyberattack that has disabled the Chinese state-run company’s U.S. website and email systems. World maritime news has a short writeup

  • LifeLock “subscriberkey” tied each customer accounts to a numeric value which could be easily enumerated reports Krebs

  • New report by Agari on federal DMARC adoption shows 52% of the 1,144 executive branch domains have implemented DMARC at its strongest enforcement level. Agari praises the government for making strides, and presents it as a shining example for the implementation of common security standards.

  • Symantec profiles Leafminer group, active in cyber espionage activities in the Middle East. The group is described as inexperienced, eager to learn from others, and has poor operational security

  • Tenable went public today on Nasdaq with ticker TENB


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In comparison to the private sector, the U.S. Government should serve as a shining example for the implementation of common security standards.

Agari on Government’s implementation of DMARC


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