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2018-04-25 | MITM attack targets Amazon Route 53, Operation GhostSecret, and Doxing on the Daily

Wednesday, April 25


  • Test run? About 1,300 addresses for Amazon Route 53 were rerouted for two hours using a man in the middle attack. The attackers managed to steal about $150,000 of currency from MyEtherWallet users. Given the scale of pulling off the attack, one theory is this was a test run. Researcher Kevin Beaumont said in his blog postThe security vulnerabilities in BGP and DNS are well known, and have been attacked before. This is the largest scale attack I have seen which combines both, and it underscores the fragility of internet security.



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On their end it's pure laziness to wait for an abuse report to stop post that are following a doxing template

Matt Mitchell


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