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2018-03-15 | Calendars mining cryptocurrency, Buzz around Pwn2Own, and Let’s encrypt wildcard certs

Thursday, March 15


  • Talk around CanSecWest, at least in the Pwn2Own corridor, is the absence of top researchers from China (read more). Cyberscoop’s Patrick Howell O’Neill is live-tweeting the Pwn2Own competition, with the master of pwn to be crowned tonight.


  • Success! Samuel Groß (@5aelo) manages to pop calc and brings back his trademark touchbar finesse. Now off to the disclosure room for confirmation and vendor notification. - @thezdi



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"All races should be audited - whether they are close or not - but elections like this underscore the need to have processes in place to instill confidence in the results… While there is no indication that there is any need to question the results of yesterday's election, a 'recount' of a paperless voting machine will not catch software bugs, election programming errors or vote rigging malware in the voting machines."

Marian Schneider, president of Verified Voting on the Pennsylvania special election race


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