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2018-01-22 | Crypto miners are everywhere, Orange Tsai’s GIF exploit, and Grawler

Monday, January 22



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  • Wapiti: open source python scanner + fuzzer

  • Grawler: recursively walks object trees in a git database searching for "deleted" passwords, secrets, keys, and other sensitive information

  • @jobertabma: Hackers, did you find a SQL injection in an ORDER BY clause and you're unable to guess the column names? Use CASE WHEN <query> THEN RAND() ELSE 1 END to extract data. It'll randomize the order when <query> evaluates to true and remain static when false.

  • @bonsaiviking: #Nmap comes with 586 #NSE scripts. 148 of them are default (-sC) or version (-sV) scripts. The rest (438) have to be invoked directly or by category, so many folks don't use them. Here are my top 18 NSE scripts you should run in 2018: #DiscoveringNSE  


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The bug relied on the type conversion from int to unsigned char. As you can see:
If GetDataBlock_ return -1, scd->done in line 400 will set to True, and stop the while-loop. But it will never be executed because the definition of count is unsigned char, it’s always be a positive from 0 to 255. So the result is, one single GIF can make an infinite loop and exhausted the server resource.

Orange Tsai


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