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2017-11-10 | Getting access to 25k employee's details, Magoo’s 5, and HBD to Hack The Pentagon

Friday, November 10



Stop us if you’ve heard this one before… “The configuration file of an internal IRC bot (which included credentials to internal services and some external services used by [redacted] developers) was inadvertently included by an employee in a personal public GitHub repository. The repository was taken down and the affected credentials rotated.

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  • Hackers finally got their chance to try and hack the Pentagon without repercussion - @wired

Twitter gold: Robert Tracinski (@Tracinski) dissects Twitter’s 140 chars and its recent move to 280 chars in this tweetstorm.



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"It’s one thing for a company to come forward and work with their general counsel to do a bug bounty. It’s a completely different thing entirely for the organization that really initiated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and that early hostility toward security researchers to openly start engaging and working with them. The weight that the DoD brings when they pair with the DoJ to say 'hackers can do good,' that just doesn’t exist anywhere else."

Alex Rice on the DoD and Hack The Pentagon for Wired


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