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2017-06-23 | Airbnb OAuth tokens theft, Bug hunting with Burp Infiltrator, and Yahoo’s not-so-secret keys

Friday, June 23


Today we’re going rogue from our usual structure and highlighting three blog posts by researchers. Let’s call this PoC Fridays. Like it? Let us know what you think. Now for the good stuff:

  1. Authentication bypass on Airbnb via OAuth tokens theft by @arneswinnen. @Yaworsk tweeted “Interested in the thought process of someone who wins an @Hacker0x01 onsite hacking event? You're in luck - read this, it's awesome!” Well said Pete.

  2. Behind enemy lines: Bug hunting with Burp Infiltrator by @salchoman. Boost your quiver of tools with Infiltrator-augmented testing via Burp. Demonstration of a zero-day in JetBrains’ TeamCity.

  3. Yahoo Small Business (Luminate) and the not-so-secret keys by @dawgyg. Collab hunt with @zlz (and using Bug Bounty Forum slack to collaborate). Go team.  

You can see all the latest and greatest disclosures and bounties on (including nine new disclosures from the U.S. Department of Defense (like this one)!


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