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2017-06-16 | Metropolis where art thou, CRLF in Snap, and Bounty Dash

Friday, June 16



  • The Ethereum Network Is DDoS-ing Itself. Sort of. It’s too darn popular, Motherboard’s Dan Oberhaus notes, referencing the Bancor launch on Monday, which raised $153M and was in such high demand that the huge number of transactions being carried out caused the Ethereum network to grind to a halt. Chants of “we want Metropolis” are echoing around the world.


  • CRLF Injection at [17 upvotes] - $500 bounty for this report to Snapchat by @wplus. Injecting a Carriage Return and Line Feed character, researcher was able to make the server issue a set-cookie header. Check out the conversation stream - wplus knows what’s up! Sharing sample reports for summary and linking to our post, How does public disclosure work? Love it.

Burp Suite increased their maximum bounty to $10K. Get hackin'. 

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  • Cafe guy: Dude, are you updating your helmet?
    Me: Yeah
    Guy: Why?
    Me: They added support for my rice cooker - @j0hnnyXm4s



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