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2017-06-06 | 3.4B Records exposed, Who is Reality Winner, and Security Fest Videos

Tuesday, June 6

RIP Jean Sammet.   



  • Password Reset link hijacking via Host Header Poisoning [19 upvotes] - no bounty for this report to concrete5 by @cdl. Known issue, resolved by entering a Canonical URL. But cool to see statements like this from security team’s: “It’s a different vector, but resolved by the same solution. Figured we could give you some rep since it was a nice find.”

  • Flash XSS on Buick_RotatingMasthead_JellyBeanSlider.swf [4 upvotes] - no bounty for this report to General Motors by @mystech7. website contained a parameter that allowed XSS injection.

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I thought of a computer as some obscene piece of hardware that I wanted nothing to do with… To my utter astonishment, I loved it.

Jean Sammet