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2017-06-02 | Hack thyself, $12K Bug, and Wikileaks' Pandemic

Friday, June 2 

As always, TGIF! 


  • Balancing security and data portability can be tricky. Discourse’s Jeff Atwood shares a new post, Hackers, Hack Thyself on designing Discourse securely for the long haul and preaches the notion of ‘designing for evil’ and ‘hacking yourself’. Well written and funny - enjoy.


  • Use of uninitialized memory in unserialize() [3 upvotes] - $500 bounty for this report to PHP (IBB) by @rc0r. Bug was found using afl-fuzz / afl-utils.

  • Reflected XSS on a DoD website [3 upvotes] - no bounty for this report to the U.S. Dept Of Defense by @korprit. Cross-site scripting vulnerability was found which may be used by an attacker to  trick a web user into executing a malicious script.

HUGE payout of $12,000 for a bug found by @preben_ve in [redacted].  

You can see all the latest and greatest disclosures and bounties on, and see which company paid out over 25 bounties yesterday (including some big ones to this guy)!



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