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2017-05-24 | Critical IDOR, TPP resurrected, and Geekboy bloggin

Wednesday, May 24

Wee bit late today, but some gems in today's 0-Daily. 


  • Cybersecurity is hard says Michael Daniel. He’s the President of the Cyber Threat Alliance and opines in an HBR article on some of the current uncertainty and difficulty in the cybers. The TL;DR it’s not purely a technical problem, but transparency breeds trust. A good quote from the article on that last point: work together in good faith to begin sharing threat information in an automated fashion, with everyone contributing to the system, and with the context of threats being given a lot more weight.


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  • We put a lot of our personal info on the internet. Kristin Parke talks security, how to become a hacker & more - @rubenharris



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Music is just a set of directions for a musician to be able to read, interpret, and be able to play it and create music from it. Code is really similar because you have the syntax, you have a certain way you’re supposed to arrange words together so that a computer can go through it and understand the directions you’re trying to do and then execute those directions.

Kristin Parke


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