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2017-05-17 | RB455, The Wyden way, and IoT hall of shame

Wednesday, May 17

Greetings from Amsterdam! Gearing up for h1-3120 (ala h1-415), TNW, and Wired Money this week.


  • RB455 is up, and it’s all about your garden variety ransomware taking over the world. “North Korea is ransomwaring things with NSA exploits stolen by the Russians and is asking for made up money (aka cryptocurrency)”. Crazy world we’re living in that that statement has any plausibility. What if this was an actual 0-day? Was this a fire drill? Patrick and Adam ask these questions and dissect all things WannaCry.


  • Reflected XSS in error pages (NC-SA-2017-008) [23 upvotes] - $450 bounty for this report to Nextcloud by @sinkmanu. Inadequate escaping of error messages leads to XSS vulnerabilities in multiple components.

  • Reflected XSS in login redirection module [8 upvotes]- $250 bounty for this report to PornHub by @aghora. The researcher discovered an XSS in the redirect parameter of the front controller which executes upon redirection.

You’ll see a LOT more of hacktivity on our site: program profiles have been hacktivated and hacktivity is now in the top nav on marketing site. Enjoy.

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We the tech industry have to solve this because you can’t expect the one IT guy at the hospital to fix it. Chromebooks for all hospitals could be the cry.

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