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2017-05-05 | FlexiWHY, XSS for IE11, and telephony troubles

Friday, May 5

Cinco de Mayo on a Friday?! Today is bound to be amazing. Enjoy it!



  • Cloudflare based XSS for IE11 [16 upvotes] - swag award for this report to Cloudflare by @reactors08. Incredible responsiveness and communication from Cloudflare’s team, including this gem “I got ahold of a windows computer (unfortunately) and verified this works.” #bugbountyhumor

  • SSL Key Certificate expires [for] [1 upvote] - no bounty for this report to Dropbox by @honccbb. Closed as informative, but a key point here is the power of hacker-powered security: dozens of researchers combing your stack on the daily, and will let you know when your SSL Key Certs will expire in a few days. It’s like that friendly neighborhood watch.   

Today’s hacker lesson is on “how to get banned from the platform”: submit reports like this

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