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2017-05-01 | Ransomware is the new black, DOK is no joke, and Burp’s gone mobile

Monday, May 1

A new week, a new month!


  • Ransomware costs are rising. And fast. Symantec’s latest Internet Security Threat Report has them up by over 3x. Somebody calling themselves, thedarkoverlord, recently released Netflix shows ahead of their release after Netflix refused to pay the requested ransom. Apparently, this hacker loves Orange is The New Black.


  • Bypassing Digits bridge origin validation [39 upvotes] for this report to Twitter by @filedescriptor. Issue in the bridge proxy in Digits allowed an attacker to retrieve the OAuth credential data of an application a victim had authorized. Old report that was just disclosed in the last 24-hours. Check out the “for example” graph. Love it!

In case you were curious, there was a $10K+ bounty paid over the weekend (no public details, sorry). But this hacker got paid $7K for their account takeover exploit on Flickr.

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  • If teleconf tools like Google Hangouts & Zoom made "# of minutes to coordinate/start a meeting" a KPI, the world would be a better place. - @lpolovets



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