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2017-04-19 | IoT RSAC survey, ITL bulletin, and Quantum of Solace

Wednesday, April 19

Happy hump day.


  • Survey of 160 attendees at RSAC 2017 by Lieberman reveals everyone is scared to death about IoT security. Download the full cheery report. Some of the findings: less than half have a process for changing the default passwords on their company's IoT devices, over 80% of respondents worry about attacks originating their IoT devices. And oh yeah, 63% are not confident in their ability to track and manage all the IoT devices on their network.


  • [] Jenkins in Debug Mode with Stack Traces Enabled [8 upvotes] - no bounty for this report to Homebrew by @zephrfish. Jenkins in debug mode = stack traces. William Wallace would be proud.

  • Information Disclosure [0 upvotes] - no bounty for this report to GlobaLeaks by @secure_world. Though no bounty and this report was closed as informative, the exchange and result is exactly why Hacktivity is so valuable. Disclosing information for other hackers to see (i.e., if you find this, I’m going to close it as informative b/c we accept the risk). Love the security team responder from GlobaLeaks, @synnick’s, pitch for *awesome swag and invite to have a beer together if the hacker is at [redacted] conference!

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  • I am extremely excited to announce! A new low level hardware library in Go with no C dependency. #periphio #golang - @marcaruel



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