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2017-04-11 | OWASP top 10 release, DOM cookie bomb, and less spam?

Tuesday, April 11

Lose yourself to dance, because you can.  


  • OWASP top 10 release dropped yesterday. Email Dave to submit comments. 14-years of the top 10, and OWASP for sure has something to show for it: “...since CSRF was introduced to the Top 10 in 2007, it has dropped from a widespread vulnerability to an uncommon one. Many frameworks include automatic CSRF defenses which has significantly contributed to its decline in prevalence, along with much higher awareness with developers that they must protect against such attacks.” Makes the CSRF reported below that much more impressive…  


  • DOM based cookie bomb [16 upvotes] - $280 bounty for this report to Twitter by @filedescriptor. In short, it sets a cookie with hash as the name and referrer as the value.

  • CSRF on cards API [15 upvotes] - $280 bounty for this report to Twitter by @filedescriptor. It’s a filedescriptor kinda day - all his exploits are worth the read. Details structure and PoC. Also, 7 days from report filed to bounty paid. Booya.

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