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2017-04-03 | DOMXSS, math.js vuln, and Germany’s new cyber command

Monday, April 3, 2017

Sint Maarten is beautiful this time of year. While those lucky guys and gals at Kaspersky’s SAS 2017 summit are slumming it in the Caribbean, we get to do some real work this week. Make it a good one!


  • Great blog about a vulnerability in math.js, an open source library: How we exploited a remote code execution vulnerability in math.js. Key intuition that led to vuln discovery? ‘Function’ can be accessed indirectly as the constructor of an existing function. The structure of the post is great: Discover, Exploit, Report [then post blog].


  • DOMXSS in Tweetdeck [26 upvotes] - $1,120 bounty for this report to Twitter by @filedescriptor. Details, POC, Fix. Great formula. (And yes, apparently Tweetdeck still exists).

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