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Training Sessions

Leveraging Data: How to bolster security and development with program insight and benchmarking
How To Attract and Retain Top Hackers To Your Bug Bounty Program
The Launch Process: How to engage internal stakeholders to launch your program
Keynote: The Best Kept Secret in Cybersecurity
Securing the Software Supply Chain with Hacker-Powered Security
How Hackers Can Strengthen Cloud Application Security
From Disclosure to Pentest: Embedding Hackers at Each Step of the Development Lifecycle
Personalizing Secure Coding Training at Scale - A Contemporary Approach to Securing Applications
Product Strategy Overview
How HackerOne and AWS Security Hub Fortify Cloud Application Security
Fostering Collaboration Between Developers and AppSec Teams with GitLab
Insights from Intel's Bug Bounty Program
Leveraging Assessments + Pentests to Manage Risk
Mapping your Hacker-Powered Security Journey