Security@ 2019 Keynote: Goldman Sachs

Phil Venables, Senior Advisor & Board Director, Goldman Sachs with Bill Gurley, Partner, Benchmark

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Security@ 2019: Opening Remarks
Mårten Mickos, CEO, HackerOne
Security@ 2019: Meet the World's Elite Hackers
Tommy DeVoss, Hacker with Santiago Lopez, Hacker with Nathaniel Wakelam, Hacker and Aki Ito, Tech Editor, Bloomberg
Security@ 2019: Advocating for Change
Patrick Coughlin, TruSTAR with Cameron Dixon, US Cyber & Infra Security with Harley Geiger, Rapid7 and Dr. Amit Elazari, Intel
Security@ 2019: From Startup to Unicorn
Kelly Ann, Slack with Andrew Dunbar, Shopify with Aabhas Sharma, Postmates and Jon Evans, TechCrunch
Security@ 2019: Designing a Bug Bounty Program to Secure Billions
Dan Gurfinkel, Security Engineer Manager, Facebook
Security@ 2019: DoD's Lessons from 10,000 Bugs
Kris Johnson, Director of the VDP, DoD with Jack Cable, Hacker and Megan Furman, Deputy Director, Defense Digital Service
Security@ 2019: Paying for Risk
Pax Whitmore, Information Security Engineer, Paypal
Security@ 2019: Hacking the Talent Gap
Tanner Emek, OneLogin with Nathaniel Lattimer, Dropbox with Peter Yaworski, Shopify and Chloe Messdaghi
Security@ 2019: Utilizing Vulnerability Trend Analysis to Guide Holistic…
Roy Davis, Sr. Product Security Engineer, Salesforce with Emre Saglam, Director of Product Security, Salesforce
Security@ 2019: Closing Remarks
Alex Rice, Co-founder and CTO, HackerOne