Sumo Logic's CSO Talks Cloud, Compliance, GDPR, and Security

George Gerchow isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. As the CSO of Sumo Logic, he’s responsible for securing their cloud-native, machine data analytics platform at a level that builds unbreakable trust with their more than 1,600 global customers.

At Security@ 2018, held in San Francisco, Gerchow took the stage to share how Sumo Logic works with HackerOne to take a decidedly modern approach to security, using bug bounties as a tool in the arsenal and transparency as the common thread. Transparency, according to Gerchow, means that organizations must admit not only that bugs will always exist, but that the best ways to reduce vulnerabilities is to share learnings and best practices with the broader community.

“This is value that we never got from a pen test,” he added. “Traditional pen tests are not enough for modern day security.”  

Watch George’s full presentation and learn how Gerchow built a modern bug bounty program that takes a DevSecOps approach with the help of HackerOne.