mlitchfield Earned $500,000 on HackerOne

August 17, 2016 HackerOne Team

We are excited to announce that as of today, Mark Litchfield (mlitchfield) has earned $500,000 in total bug bounties on HackerOne! On his birthday no less, Mark has achieved his half a million dollar goal. Since joining HackerOne over two years ago, Mark has found 443+ vulnerabilities for companies such as: Zenefits, Yahoo, Dropbox, LocalTapiola, Uber, and Vimeo, among others. He consistently graces the HackerOne leaderboards, and is ranked in the 92nd percentile for signal, 93rd percentile for impact, and third overall on the platform with 11,050 reputation!

Happy Birthday, Mark and congratulations from the HackerOne community!

Alt textMark winning the Most Valuable Hacker award at H1-702 Hackathon



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