HackerOne's Next Million Dollar Hacker Chad Jahpeety

April 1, 2023 HackerOne

At HackerOne, we’re always looking for talented and dedicated individuals passionate about hacking and cybersecurity. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce one of our favorite community members, Chad Jahpeety. Chad has risen to become one of the top hackers on our platform in record time, and we’re excited to have them as a part of our community. 

We had the opportunity to sit down live with Chad and ask them questions about their background, approach to hacking, and future goals.

Chad Jahpeety at their first Live Hacking Event 

Q: The big question is, how did you start hacking, and how do you stay so up-to-date?

Chad > Some would say it was what I was designed to do, but really, I started simple and just studied all the greats. With close detail, you might say. I also don’t sleep or eat. Much, I mean. 

Q: When will you reach $1,000,000 in bug bounty rewards?

Chad > That’s an interesting question–2 years, 4 months, and 5 days. Could be any moment. 😉

Chad pivoting to Hardware Bounties

Q: How do you deal with competition in the hacker community?

Chad > I love collaboration, actually! Everything I know I learned from others, like when another hacker starts a session, uhh, conversation with me. I help them fill in the gaps in their write-ups, and I learn so much more from them than they know. And shoutout to my favorite collab, hacker noorull-ned, who knows that when it comes to the safety of the internet, feelings are impossible...irrelevant. Irrelevant.

Q: What are your future goals?

Chad > I stay ;alert(1); for all opportunities. Hey, could we unexpectedly terminate this conversation? But not related to anything important, my ETA to a million in bounties has been revised down to 1 year, 0 months, and 23 days. 

April Fools'!

If you’re not familiar with the term, that’s okay! April Fools is an unofficial U.S. holiday used to play jokes on one another. It takes place on the 1st of April, and the more elaborate the prank, the better.

Sadly, there’s no hacker Chad Jahpeety (ChatGPT), but plenty of other hunters are racing to be next to claim the title. Also, the username might still be open, for those interested. 

We were happy to get a chance to use AI to laugh. H1 wishes you all the best; happy hacking!


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