Hacker-Powered Pen Tests and the Power of More

Traditional Pen Tests are no longer satisfactory. They’re either 1) conducted by new employees and deliver lower-severity vulnerabilities or 2) run by 1-2 skilled researchers who come at a premium cost ($25k-$100k).

That’s why more and more security teams are turning to Hacker-Powered Pen Tests. As a result, they’re able to tap into top talent, and get high-quality reports without the huge price tag and wait.

This guide will show you the key differences and value of Hacker-Powered Pen Tests.


  • Why traditional penetration testing is no longer good enough
  • Side-by-side comparison of a traditional Pen Test vs. a Hacker-Powered Pen Test
  • Case studies that show how Hacker-Powered Pen Tests deliver 10x the results at a fraction of the cost