Tips on Building a World Class Bug Bounty Program From Senior Red Team Expert, Mack Staples

Zenefits is responsible for the personal, financial, and health data for the employees of more than 10,000 companies, so security is an obvious priority. That sensitive data also makes them a target, but their Red Team’s 24/7 approach to security is nothing less than world-class. 

Hear Mack Staples, Zenefits’ Red Team leader, explain why bug bounties are at the center of their security strategy. He also shares what they’ve learned along the way and offers tips so you can avoid the same challenges. 

During this webinar Mack will cover:

  • Best practices for including bug bounties into your security program
  • Practical advice and tips for getting started with hacker-powered security
  • What makes Zenefits’ security program so much better than many others

Check out this webinar today.