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Fully Managed

A White Glove Program with Full Bug Triage and Payment Management

How it works

Successful vulnerability coordination programs require communicating with the hacker community in a timely and professional manner, reproducing valid bugs submitted to your company, politely declining invalid bugs, and providing valid, prioritized bugs to your development teams for remediation.

Any HackerOne Product Edition

Hacker searches for vulnerabilities

Hacker submits it to your organization


Your security team triages all submissions and fixes all valid submissions

Any HackerOne Product Edition plus HackerOne Fully Managed

Hacker searches for vulnerabilities

Hacker submits it to your organization

HackerOne promptly communicates with the Hacker

HackerOne triages all submissions

Your security team fixes all valid submissions

1 report
30 minutes
The US Department of Defense received 1,189 reports in a three-week pilot program - that's one report every 30 minutes. Not every organization can evaluate complex reports and thoughtfully respond to hackers that frequently. HackerOne managed will do it for you .

With HackerOne Fully Managed:

HackerOne becomes your partner who executes all aspects of your bug bounty program, including triage, bounty pricing, and hacker relations, allowing you to fully focus on fixing vulnerabilities.

We promptly respond to all hacker submissions and questions

We validate and de-duplicate all submissions

We ensure all submissions are written in clear and concise English

We prioritize all valid submissions in your issue queue

You receive guidance on bounty payments

Your team's valuable time is focused on fixing vulnerabilities

Program rules are applied consistently and fairly by our experienced bug bounty triage team

A dedicated HackerOne triage lead analyst is always at your side

Some Of Our Customers


What Our Customers Say

We've been running our program on HackerOne since May 2014 and have found the program to be an invaluable resource for finding and fixing security vulnerabilities ranging from the mundane to severe

Arkadiy Tetelman
Software Engineer,

Our unique program combines healthy rewards, a loyalty program, and a 'treasure map' of information to incentivize our community to find even the most subtle bugs as we work together to protect users.

John "Four" Flynn
Chief Information Security Officer,

A strength that I've found only with HackerOne is the communication with the researcher community, bouncing ideas back and forth, coming up with the best strategy to solve the problem.

Justin Calmus
Chief Information Officer,


Varies based on report volume and service level selected. Please contact us for a detailed quote.