Global Live Hacking Events from HackerOne

Picture the world's largest and most exciting one-day penetration test where you collaborate live and in person with top hackers

We host live-hacking events in cities around the world, connecting security teams with top hackers. Whether you’re looking to energize your existing hacker-powered program or run a security test on a specific attack surface, HackerOne’s live hacking events offer a turnkey solution. It puts you face-to-face with the world’s top hackers, helping you add skills, build relationships, and find more bugs faster. It’s a one-day penetration test, only bigger and better.

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Live Hacking Event Recaps

H1-702 | Las Vegas | August 2018
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H1-4420 | London | June 2018
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H1-3120 | Amsterdam | Dropbox | May 2018
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H1-415 | San Francisco | Oath | April 2018
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H1-202 | Washington DC | Mapbox | February 2018
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H1-212 | New York City | US Air Force | December 2017
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H1-702 | Las Vegas | Uber, Zenefits | July 2017
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H1-3120 | Amsterdam | May 2017
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H1-415 | San Francisco | Airbnb, Shopify | April 2017
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H1-702 | Las Vegas | Zenefits | August 2016
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The Most Valuable Hacker Hall of Fame

H1-702 | 2018 | @intidc
H1-5411 | 2018 | @meals
H1-4420 | 2018 | @notnaffy
H1-3120 | 2018 | @MrTuxracer
H1-415 | 2018 | @nnwakelam
H1-202 | 2018 | @0xACB
H1-212 | 2017 | @ziot
H1-702 | 2017 | @fransrosen
H1-3120 | 2017 | @arneswinnen
H1-415 | 2017 | @avlidienbrunn
H1-702 | 2016 | @marklitchfield


Getting to work with a team onsite and seeing how they respond to security issues, how they work. That was interesting for me to see in real-time.”
Mark Litchfield
Whether they had been participating in our programs for years or were looking at Oath assets for the first time, it was empowering to witness the dedication, persistence and creativity of the hacker community live and in person. We really felt the excitement and enthusiasm throughout H1-415.”
Chris Nims
One of my favorite things ever, I think. There’s people from all over the world, you get to meet them in person and people get so psyched up.”
Tom Hudson

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