Hack The World is back! For the second year in a row we’re running our largest hacking competition of the year. We’ve made some improvements since our first Hack The World and think this event will be our best yet.

Between October 18th, 2017 to November 18th, 2017 we want you to find as many vulnerabilities as possible. We’ve got some awesome prizes for the winners of this year’s competition and sponsored programs such as UBER, Coinbase, Mapbox and GitHub will also be giving out special prizes to top hackers throughout Hack The World 2017.

Sponsored Programs


The following programs are offering double points for any validated security vulnerabilities during Hack The World 2017.


Private programs that are participating in Hack The World 2017 will directly message hackers regarding their participation.

New to the competition this year

  • There is only one bracket for all hackers competing in Hack The World 2017
  • Sponsored programs will be offering double points for any valid vulnerabilities found during Hack The World 2017
  • To be eligible for the leaderboard and for certain prizes, a signal of 3.0 or greater must be kept during Hack The World 2017
  • New and improved prizes for top hackers
  • Special prizes from sponsored programs

The Prizes



At the end of Hack The World 2017, we will rank all HackerOne hackers by points they earned from triaged, validated reports submitted during the contest. However, only users who have 3.0 Signal or above from their reports during the competition will be eligible for certain rewards. For Hack The World 2017, the following prizes are up for grabs:


Place Prizes

1st Prize*

  • Hack The World 2017 Championship Belt

  • DJI Spark Palm launch, Intelligent Portable Mini Drone

  • Limited edition swag

  • Promotion as winner of Hack The World proudly on our website as well as on a plaque in the HackerOne office in San Francisco.

Top 100 Hackers*

  • Limited edition Hack The World 2017 and HackerOne Swag Pack

All Hackers Who Submit a Valid Vulnerability

  • Limited edition Hack The World Challenge Coin

*Requires a signal of 3.0 or greater throughout the competition 

Special Prizes

Company Prizes


  • $20K bonus for the most impactful bug of the competition (UBER’s highest paid bounty to date!)

  • Double the minimum bounty ($1K, instead of $500) for valid reports from first 20 new researchers who have never submitted to UBER

  • $5K bonus for top 2 hackers of Hack the World (even if they didn't submit to UBER's program)


  • Unlimited private repositories for life to any valid report submitted during the competition


  • 2x bounty for top report during the competition
  • $1000 bonus to honorable mentions


  • Top 3 most impactful bugs submitted earn an additional $10,000, $7,500 and $5,000 for first, second and third place.

Other Prizes

  • Other company specific prizes will be announced throughout the competition

How To Participate


Everyone is welcome to join Hack The World. Don't have an account yet? No problem, go sign up and you will be part of the largest Hacker community on the planet.

Getting involved is simple:

  • Register an account
  • Find a program to hack
  • Hack something within the program's scope
  • Submit your report!
  • Keep an eye on where you are in the rankings by regularly viewing the Hack The World Leaderboard. As your reputation grows (and your Signal is above 3.0), you will rise up the ranks!

Good luck in the competition and be sure to share your experience with the #hacktheworld2017 hashtag on Twitter!

View the Hack The World Leaderboard



October 18th, 2017
Hack The World 2017 begins!


November 18th 2017
Hack The World 2017 ends!


December 18, 2017
Grace period completed.


December 22, 2017
Winners announced!


  • I have never used HackerOne, can I join in?

    Sure! Just go and register an account, then find a program, hack on something within scope, and submit a report. Keep an eye on the Hack The World Leaderboard to see how you are doing

  • How are Points and Signal computed?

    Every time you submit a vulnerability report you will be awarded points for triaged, validated points. We want to ensure we are encouraging high quality reports, hence we require at least 3.0 Signal for hackers to be eligible for certain prizes during Hack The World 2017.

  • I have negative Signal, can I participate?

    Sure! The reputation and Signal computed in Hack The World 2017 is only applied to the reports submitted in this time period. So, it is like starting over with 0 Signal. Be sure to submit good reports!

  • What happens if there is a draw?

    If there is a draw in points, the hacker with the higher Signal will win. If there is a draw in both points and Signal, the hacker with the highest impact score will win. If there is a draw in points, Signal, and impact (which we assume is because of a planetary alignment) we will split the prizes between the two winners.


  • Points and Signal will be generated based on all reports submitted during the competition timeframe. To qualify for prizes, your Signal at the end of the competition must be at least 3.0 or greater.
  • Winners are determined only by points within the HackerOne platform and not other platforms.
  • Only HackerOne users are eligible for participation, but signing up is easy and free.
  • If you are eligible for and want to receive a prize we will need to know your name, address, and phone number for shipping purposes.
  • Any participants who cheat or break the rules outlined here will be disqualified.
  • Employees of HackerOne are ineligible to participate.
  • HackerOne has the right to refuse participation of anyone.
  • Vulnerability reports must be submitted between between 12:01am PT, Wed October 18, 2017 and 11:59pm PT Saturday November 18, 2017 to qualify. Any reports submitted before or after will not count towards this competition. We will have a 30 day grace period for existing reports to be reviewed by programs.
  • HackerOne's decision is final on all interpretations of contest rules, including selection of the winners.