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Find and close your attack resistance gap.

Meet with HackerOne at Black Hat.

Booth #2520
August 10–11


Your digital assets landscape powers your business but new and unknown vulnerabilities leave you open to attack. What clues are you missing across your attack surface?

Connect with HackerOne at Booth #2520 to take a self-evaluation that sizes your current attack resistance gap—then check out our demos and hear from our customers, and talk with our team to start closing that gap.


Measure and Close the Security Gap in Your Attack Surface

Digital transformation has a downside: It causes a gap between the attack surface your organization knows about and protects, and your full attack surface, with assets that are beyond your security team's scope and therefore unprotected. And the security skills shortage makes matters worse: 44% of IT and security leaders are uncertain of their teams’ ability to close the gap.

Stop by  Booth #2520 at Black Hat to catch one of our theater presentations on Attack Resistance Management—a new approach to gaining full security control across your attack surface which can drive down risk, and lower your chances of attack...

You'll learn how to:

  • Stay ahead of threats in an evolving application landscape.
  • Identify, prioritize and remediate newly discovered vulnerabilities..
  • Find risks that scanners, automation, and AI miss.
  • Find vulnerabilities early to educate and train developers.
  • Fill security skills shortages with proven experts.

Book a 1:1 Meeting or Demo

Want to know more about HackerOne’s solutions and how they can help you? Book a 30-minute demo or consultation with one of our cybersecurity experts to walk through all the ways the HackerOne platform can strengthen your attack resistance. Whether you’d like to focus on vulnerability management, application security, cloud security, or a combination, we’re happy to help with a vulnerability disclosure program, pentesting, bug bounty, full attack surface management, and more.

Book a Meeting

Relax at the HackerOne party at Eyecandy Bar & Lounge

To kick off the Black Hat festivities, join our experts and your security peers for drinks at Eyecandy at Mandalay Bay—Tuesday, August 9, starting at 8.



Theater Presentations

HackerOne Session: Measure and Close the Security Gaps Across your Attack Surface

  • Wednesday, August 10 at 11am, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm
  • Thursday, August 11 at 12pm, 2pm and 3pm

HackerOne Session: Hacker Panel moderated by Amanda Berger, Chief Customer Officer, HackerOne

Hackers: Dominic Coutoure a.k.a. Dee-see and Leandro Barragan a.k.a none-of-the-above

  • Wednesday, August 10 at 1pm

Customer Session: How to Find and Close the Gaps in Your Attack Surface with Zebra

Speaker: Jasyn Voshell, EJD, Director, Products and Solutions Security

  • Wednesday, August 10 at 2pm
  • Thursday, August 11 at 11am

Customer Session: Improving Attack Resistance Through Human Intelligence with KnowBe4

Speaker: James R. McQuiggan, SACP, CISSP,  Security Awareness Advocate

  • Thursday, August 11 at 1pm