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InfoSec Finance Connect is an invite-only, executive level meeting of cyber security leaders in the Finance and Insurance space who come together virtually to benchmark, network and share their latest, most successful strategies.

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July 30-31, 2020



Attend our speaking session to learn about:

Hacker-Powered Data: The Most Common Security Weaknesses and How to Avoid Them

Vulnerabilities are a fact of life. Today, technology companies, enterprises and even governments are embracing collaborating with hackers to find vulnerabilities before cyber criminals have a chance to exploit the same bugs for nefarious purposes. In this session, the speaker will present proprietary data on the most common critical common vulnerabilities found in companies from Forbes Global 2000 to small startups from over 1,700 bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure programs, over 600,000 hackers and more than 150,000 valid reports. Attendees will discover common weaknesses that they won’t find on the OWASP top ten — such as Violation of Secure Design Principles, Information Disclosure, Denial of Service, Cryptographic Issues and more — and how attackers could exploit these prevalent vulnerabilities. Whether you run an active bug bounty program or if your security@ email address is routed to /dev/null, this session will arm attendees with insights into the most common security weaknesses to better defend against them.


31 August