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Join HackerOne at Global Resilience Federation (GRF) Summit

WHEN: September 30-October 1, 2019
WHERE: Lansdowne Resort, Leesburg VA


Global Resilience Federation (GRF) Summit brings together more than 300 security professionals for networking and education on the critical cyber, physical and geopolitical security issues facing organizations and their supply chains. There will be 30+ sessions on topics including vendor management, cybersecurity, intelligence sharing, physical/geopolitical threat mitigation, compliance/regulation and more.

Don't miss our speaking session:

Default to Disclosure: How Disclosing Vulnerabilities can Build Trust

Date: October 1 

Time: 11:15AM

Speaker: Reed Loden, Security Engineer, HackerOne

Bug bounty programs are popping up across industries as more organizations embrace collaborating with ethical hackers to find vulnerabilities before cyber criminals have a chance to exploit the same bugs for nefarious purposes. These same organizations who reveal their findings and resulting patches are often scrutinized by civil society out of misunderstanding for how these programs work and why the holes exist in the first place. As a result, companies and government entities alike are running these programs in private, choosing to keep discoveries out of the public eye out of fear of public condemnation or reliance on old-school ways of thinking, ignoring the responsibility they have to their customers to disclose their findings. This talk covers the vital importance of responsible disclosure while giving real-world use cases where responsible disclosure and bug bounty programs have bolstered security, lowered costs, and improved safety and trust to consumers.


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